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being human with Tablet #Better Way

With enlargement of mobiles and reducing size of laptops i already imagine a solution about 7 to 10 inch device. One fine day i search online and find tablet. Its a old story but not end here. As a group of advance computer application yser we discuss about a perfect tab. 
what should a perfect tab must have? It includ screen resolution, grip, style, storage space, ram, gpu, battery capacity and web connectivity. 
So, after a long discussion and time spent we find some special requirements. Here they are
It’s a 7 to 9 inch tablet : What we want to purchase.
1. 3G network OR it may compromise with WiFi
2. Screen resolution must be higher than 768 * 976
3. screen density more than 160 dpi 
4. RAM not less than one GB if we find two GB, it will be better
5. internal storage at least 2 GB
6. Processor should be Quad core or Octa Core (as industry moving into it)
7. Battery capacity must be 6000 mAh, if tab size will enlarge to 9 inch than battery capacity must be 7600 mAh
8. clock speed must be higher than 1.5 GHz
9. All major sensors must be installed. ie axis, compass, light, proximity etc.
10. and last the system must have its Stand. 
Although we look for a complete solution for removing laptop completely from the scene and get a shorter device. but we fond several tabs with lot of accessories. Like tab case, keyboard, mouse, speaker and gadgets surrounds us again. 
Now its a better way if we can found a tablet with stand. so we do not have to carry another case for same work.
As an astrologer i want a handy device which have all qualities but less space. When we are at Jataka’s home, I am not feel easy to ask them for a charger or a separate table or other supportive gadgets.  All i imagine that go to the spot analyze, use my tool and tell them what to do.  
Some solution i found in my tiny tablet called Vido mini one. it’s a Chinese model. I arrange it through a Chinese connection. But it has its own problem like
No Guarantee
No back support
No software support
No additional gadget support
No battery replacement
No upgraded kernel versions etc. 
NOW i search for a human solution for this advance gadget. Hope i will find one.